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Pioneering Minimally Invasive
Hip and Knee Replacement

Dr. Berger’s groundbreaking technique allows patients to recover faster, and with less pain, than patients undergoing traditional hip and knee replacements. His minimally invasive approach enables Dr. Berger to perform surgeries on an outpatient basis, without cutting any muscle, ligaments, or tendons, or dislocating any existing joints. These advances allow most of Dr. Berger’s patients to walk independently and leave the hospital the very same day of their surgery.

Dr. Berger was fellowship trained in adult reconstruction at Rush University Medical Center, and he continues to conduct research on hip and knee replacements. As part of his pioneering role in minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Berger has developed specialized instruments and techniques for surgery, as well as gender-specific knee and hip implants that fit and perform better for active patients. As the developer of these tools and implants, Dr. Berger receives royalties and payments from the manufacturers. Additional information regarding these manufacturers, devices, and instruments can be provided to you upon request.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Richard Berger and his dedicated staff offer the nation’s most experienced and comprehensive approach to minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery. Dr. Berger was the first to pioneer and perfect these advanced procedures, which result in minimal discomfort and rapid recovery for patients. His method allows most patients to walk unaided and leave the hospital the very same day of surgery, and is successfully used to alleviate the pain of arthritis for more than 1,000 patient each year.

Whether patients are local, national, or international, Dr. Berger’s team provides a seamless and holistic surgical experience. Patients benefit from the latest technological advancements, including gender-specific implants, partial replacements, new bearing surfaces, modular implants, and bone-conserving procedures.

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