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Initial Consultations:

The initial conversation

We will discuss: 

  • The procedure, consultation options, and surgical timeline
  • Your insurance and patient questionnaire
  • How to send your most recent x-rays to our office
    • If you do not have x-rays within the last six months, we can write an Imaging Prescription that they may take to any local imaging facility to get updated x-rays taken.
  • Our New Patient Packet 
    • The forms needed to be filled out and returned to the office.
    • If you are an established or returning patient, you will need to fill out the Annual Forms rather than the New Patient Packet.
  • Schedule your initial virtual consultation
  • Schedule a time to come to Chicago for the initial consultation
  • Schedule a time to come to Chicago for surgery
  • Answer any outstanding questions

We will send a follow-up email to you after the initial call. 

Virtual Consultation & Scheduling

What to expect during your virtual consultation with our Nurse Practitioner 

  • Review of x-rays and diagnosis along with surgical dates and appointments pre- and post-surgical.
  • Schedule your surgery & appointment to meet with Dr. Berger. Most commonly, you will come in to meet Dr. Berger on Monday and have your surgery on Tuesday.
    • Please note that you will find hotel options on page 35 of the surgical binder. Please use Athena Fax to send any clearance letters necessary.
    • Once scheduled, we will send an email titled “Surgical Itinerary & Additional Information.” The email includes:
  • A detailed surgical itinerary including all pre and post-op paperwork
  • Lastly, please confirm receipt of the email and send a photo of your vaccination card.
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Traveling to Chicago

  • Patients will meet Dr. Berger and his dedicated staff during our clinic to get updated x-rays, receive medications for surgery and ask any additional questions.
  • This appointment may last between two and three hours.
  • Following your appointment, please take time to enjoy the city! You will find recommendations for dining and attractions in the binder provided by our office.
  • Your surgery will be performed the next day. Patient will be released to their hotel, where physical therapy will be set up by our office.
  • 48 hours after surgery, the patient can travel back home. Please note in-home physical therapy will be aligned by our Discharge Liaison after patient returns home, and may continue for one to two weeks before transferring to an out-patient facility.
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Our clinicians will contact patient via phone call one day after surgery, then one week after surgery. Patients will be connected daily with our office via our Get Well Loop app for ease and convenience. During post-op appointments, you will show your incision, discuss progress in physical therapy, and bring up any questions/concerns.

Long-term Care plan

Patients will call to schedule either annual or bi-annual appointments indicated by Dr. Berger. These can be done virtually or in person.

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