4 Tried and True ways to Decrease Bruising and Swelling. 

We love this classic method to manage pain from Osteoarthritis or after joint replacement surgery. R.I.C.E it!  R = Rest We want you to be up and moving but do this in moderation. We recommend you rest the first 5-7 days after surgery. DO NOT OVERDO IT. Increased activity means increased swelling. By decreasing the swelling […]

Dr. Berger featured in Forbes Custom

INNOVATIONS IN HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY Dust Off Your Running Shoes, Yoga Mat—Even Your Hockey Stick Last year, hip pain forced Rhoda Pitcher to plan each day around her limitations. She couldn’t walk without limping, couldn’t run to catch an important flight and avoided her favorite yoga poses. Hip replacement surgery with Dr. Richard A. Berger changed [...]

The Laws of Water

By Courtney Lyngen. Over the last five years fitness has become a huge part of my adult life. I would go workout for an hour four to five times a week with aggressive CrossFit programs to then come home and get back to my regular nightly routine. However, after many dedicated gym sessions over three [...]

Nutrition Following Joint Replacement

“Is there anything special I should eat after my joint replacement?” “Donuts, cookies, chips, and cake!” I’m sure this is what many patients would like our response to be (at least that is what I would like to hear!). Unfortunately, junk food is not the recommended postoperative diet, as many may suspect. While Dr. Berger […]

How Do I Know I Need a Knee or Hip Replacement?

Is it time for a knee or hip replacement? Dr. Berger’s New Patient Liaison gets around 100 calls per day. These potential patients, calling with complaints of horrific knee or hip pain, range vastly in age and personal history. While many patients have been explicitly told by an orthopedic doctor that they need a knee […]