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Patient Story: Doug McKirahan

Pickleball Fanatic Doug McKirahan, Hoffman Estates, IL, is back on the court and winning tournaments after knee replacement.   Doug is also thankful to be playing golf and biking again.  He credits Dr. Berger and his team for the quick and effective recovery.

Patient Story, Joe Purdue

Patient Ambassador and Masters Doubles Tennis Champion Joe Perdue gives kudos to Dr. Berger after his knee replacement surgery.  Perdue attests that he is now playing better than ever.  Joe credits Dr. Berger’s minimally invasive surgery for his quick recovery and thanks his medical staff for the first-class experience.  Perdue continues to work towards attaining […]

Patient Story, Bud Beegle

Bud Beegle of Lexington, Kentucky was able to take advantage of Dr. Berger’s concierge approach to surgery through the B.E.S.T. (Berger Elective Surgical Telemedicine) Experience. He said the experience of doing consults virtually was a time and money saver, but he loved coming to Chicago for his knee replacement surgery. After 10 out of 10 […]

Patient Story, Richelle Schuenemann

Itasca resident Richelle Schuenemann is overjoyed with the results of her knee replacement surgery from Dr. Berger, who is known for his minimally invasive surgery resulting in quick recoveries for active patients. Richelle had numerous treatments after an ACL injury. But she turned to Dr. Berger for knee replacement when all else failed. Two months […]

Serial Triathlete Has Miraculous Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery

Pam Kaloustian, an Arlington Heights serial triathlete who has done over 130 triathlons, is doing better than ever on the race circuit after hip replacement with Dr. Berger. She recommends that anyone who has hip or knee pain and needs to have joint replacement should not hesitate – especially if they can have it done […]

Hip Replacement Allows Lifelong Runner to Complete Pain Free

Carol Bauer has been a runner all her life. In 2019, her hip began acting up and holding her back from her passion, so she reached out to a friend and found Dr. Richard Berger. Upon first meeting, she “loved” him, and he replaced her hip on May 1, 2019. Since then, Carol has done […]

Olympic Wrestler Returns to Mat after Double Hip Replacement

Phillip Rembert shares his journey as a wrestler getting back to the mat after double hip replacement surgery with Dr. Richard Berger, in Chicago, IL

Runner Becomes Gold Medalist After Hip Replacement Surgery

Dana Potts discusses his journey to gold after hip replacement surgery with Dr. Richard Berger

Ride Across America

Willie Winters, 69, achieved his ultimate goal of cycling across America, 15 years following his minimally invasive right hip replacement with Dr. Berger.   In 2004, Winters began experiencing right hip pain which affected not only his golf game, but everyday life. Once he was told the best solution was to have the hip replaced, […]

Back in the Race

After two knee replacement surgeries, this coach has found her stride. Strength and conditioning coach, Belle Craig, has competed in countless triathlons and Ironman races. In 2019, after much research, she enlisted the help of Dr. Richard Berger to perform a right knee replacement procedure. Within seven months of surgery, Craig was running pain-free and [...]

On the Road to Success After Knee Replacement

Long-distance runner shares his journey with outpatient knee replacement surgery with world-renowned orthopeadic surgeon Dr. Richard Berger. After knee-replacement surgery with Dr. Berger, Jeff Gleason went on to run the Harbison 100-miler in South Carolina. When he crossed the finish line, people asked him, “how’s the knee?” His response: “The knee feels good, everything else […]

Reaching New Heights After Hip Replacement

REACHING NEW HEIGHTS Former military paratrooper shares his journey with outpatient knee replacement surgery with world-renowned orthopeadic surgeon Dr. Richard Berger. When Ray Medley went to Dr. Berger for his hip-replacement consultation, he had one question: “Will I still be able to skydive?” Years after his surgery, Ray’s continued success in the extreme sport speaks […]

One Ultra-Marathoner Takes Knee Replacement Surgery in Stride

Ultra-marathoner shares his journey with outpatient knee replacement surgery with world-renowned orthopeadic surgeon Dr. Richard Berger. Glen Wagner was told by several orthopedic surgeons that, after knee-replacement surgery, his running days would be over. Then he found Dr. Berger. Just six weeks after his surgery, Glen was back in the gym lifting weights and cycling. […]

One with Nature

In 2015 avid skier, Cheryl Jensen was not performing at her maximum. She enlisted the help of Dr. Richard Berger to complete a right knee replacement.  Within two months and two days after surgery, Jensen skied “The Slot,” a black diamond run in Vail’s back bowls.  To get back to all activities, it was around […]

Flying High after Knee Replacement Surgery

Three years ago, David Upton, business owner and helicopter pilot, was told he needed to wait before undergoing knee replacement surgery. The 59-year-old suffered a left knee injury, which led multiple orthopedic surgeons to suggest a similar care plan. It was determined a left knee replacement was necessary. Still, he was encouraged to wait until […]

Staying Active During Covid-19: Hip Replacement Keeps Patricia Loy in the Game

Summer fun isn’t canceled, after hip replacement surgery Le Roy, IL native, Patricia Loy, 43, lives her life in motion, although her active lifestyle has presented its challenges. As a dedicated mother of three, Loy has a busy weekly routine. She is a full-time teacher, junior high basketball coach, and follows a tight work-out regiment […]

Tennis Pro Felicia Hutnick Bounces Back After Knee Replacement Surgery

62-year-old Felicia Hutnick continues her professional tennis career after a left knee replacement with Dr. Berger. From 1975-1979, in Winter Park, FL, Rollins College ranked #4 in Division 1 Women’s Tennis and Felicia Hutnick lead the team every step of the way. By graduation, the three-time All-American Division 1 player was just beginning to embark […]

The Sky is the Limit

After 29 years, Dr. Berger’s patient, Ray Medley soared through his hip replacement recovery and accomplished his ultimate goal of skydiving.   63-year-old Medley experienced significant hip pain before his left hip replacement in March of 2013. Approximately one year prior, after running the Baton Death March Military Marathon, he knew something had to be […]

Dana Potts

Winning the Gold In the late summer of 2017, 63-year-old Dana Potts crossed the finish line of the 400-meter Illinois Senior Games State Race, seven months following a muscle preserving hip replacement surgery with Dr. Richard A. Berger. The Wealth Management Advisor, Dana Potts, based out of Hinsdale, Illinois has always lived an active lifestyle. [...]

Christine Vollmer

Providing Service One Knee at a Time Malawi is often referred to as the ‘warm heart’ of Africa, which also describes 63-year-old Christine Vollmer, as she is the ‘warm heart’ of Chicago and patient of Dr. Richard Berger. Hyde Park resident, Christine Vollmer, is preparing to spend the next two years serving with the Peace [...]

Dr. Berger Sets Record for Orthopedic Surgery

The only surgeon in the world to perform over 10,000 minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement surgeries. From a young age, Berger was interested in helping others enjoy a life of mobility, free of limitations. Growing up, his father constructed the Macy’s holiday window displays in New York City. Berger observed his creations of complicated gears [...]

CrossFit: The Importance of Range of Motion

For Dr. Berger’s patient, Matt Bell, achieving a full range of motion after knee replacement surgery was not simply a desire, but a necessity. The 62-year-old continuously tests his strength and ability by living an active CrossFit lifestyle. Though CrossFit exercises vary, many routines involve bending the knees. Workouts can comprise of squatting and jumping, […]

Michael Hill

A Second Chance Explaining the benefits of Dr. Richard Berger’s minimally invasive joint replacement surgery versus traditional replacement surgery can sometimes be a bit tricky to quantify.  Traditional joint replacement means the physician makes a large incision and cuts through the major muscles and tendons of the joint to remove the arthritic bone and insert [...]

Stephanie Sarmiento

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough For patient Stephanie Sarmiento, being active is a way of life.  She inherited her active lifestyle from her parents who taught her to ski, hike, and embrace outdoor sports starting at a very young age. Unfortunately, she also inherited her parents’ genetic propensity for developing arthritis, and when her parents [...]

Kim Starr

A Mile In Her Shoes Kim Starr, a successful Mary Kay Independent National Sales Director, understands the importance of putting her best foot forward.  She has built her career developing relationships and traveling domestically and internationally to give talks about how to improve those relationships, but knows how important it is to represent the product she sells [...]

Holly Dreman

Moving Forward and Giving Back Holly Dreman, a 66-year-old resident of Palm Beach, Florida, wasn’t sure what to expect after hip replacement surgery. She certainly didn’t think she’d walk out of the hospital later that day. Not only did she do exactly that after her right hip was replaced, but she was able to attend [...]

Theresa Romangolo

Hip dysplasia that left her with arthritis. After years of pain, former competitive soccer player and now a renowned college coach, Theresa Romangolo finally got the help she needed from Dr. Richard Berger. At age 37, Theresa is one of a growing number of younder, active people who choose replacement surgery. Studies show toatl hip [...]

Robert Anspach

72 Hours after total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Richard Berger! Share Your Story

Susan Saint James

When I was about 22, I jumped off a fence. I had perfectly good legs at the time, and I tore my cartilage. This was like 1966 or 67... Eventually, it was becoming a problem for my work. So I went and had surgery, and it was probably cutting edge at the time, but it [...]

John Slattery

I'd been working with a compromised knee since college. I didn't do any rehab, I didn't have an ACL. They say you'll know when you know, when it's time to do it. I couldn't go up the stairs, I couldn't go down the stairs. I wanted to be able to ski and surf with my [...]


Skiing three months after knee replacement surgery. Cheryl, an active 55 year old from Colorado was able to ski three months after full knee replacement surgery. Surgical Date September 2015 took this video three months after surgery. Share Your Story

Steve W.

Skiing after double knee replacement surgery! Share Your Story

Bernadine Bocus

I'd been having pain for a very long time. I am a former athlete, played basketball and ran track and field in college, so it was in the early 90's that I was having tremendous pain in my right knee. Because my knee was bowing, of course everything was out of kilter. My hip, my lower [...]


“Had surgery Feb. 2, 2017. 18 holes of gold a couple weeks after knee replacement surgery! Thanks Dr. Berger! Shot an 83 too!” Share Your Story


"Thrilled to be fishing two weeks after surgery!" Share Your Story

Rick Matokar

Double Knee Replacements Give Pizzeria Owner and Runner a Second Chance Rich Matokar, a 70 year-old resident of Highland, Indiana, has been active all his life. Today, he considers competitive running and pizza two of his greatest passions. Matokar has competed in a total of 14 marathons, including events in New York City, Los Angeles, [...]

Harold Baines

“I went into surgery on the morning of June 18, 2010, and went home that afternoon.” Harold Baines rejoined the Chicago White Sox organization in 2004 as a coach under the leadership of new White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen. Baines had originally joined the White Sox team in 1977 and became a regular outfielder in [...]

Bill J.

"I found that by reading the book provided by Dr. Berger’s staff, following the pain medication table and exercising, the recovery progressed quickly" I am the Chief of Police for the Village of South Chicago Heights am 60 years old. I had left knee pain for at least five years but was always under the [...]


"After having both hips replaced by Dr. Berger less than a year ago, I have been fortunate to return to an active lifestyle completely pain free." After having both hips replaced by Dr. Berger less than a year ago, I have been fortunate to return to an active lifestyle completely pain free. I have been [...]

Mark McNulty

Mark McNulty successfully returned to professional golf shortly after his knee replacement. Within a year, he had several top 10 finishes in the PGA Championship Tour. Professional golfer Mark McNulty tried to play through the pain of arthritis in his right knee for years. Temporary remedies had kept him in the game, but not pain-free. [...]


Ten weeks after surgery, Bill competed in the Chicago Triathlon and placed first in his age division. Bill an avid triathlete, came to Dr. Berger in January of 2009 with the complaint of pain in his right knee. Although Bill did not let the pain interfere with his training, he said he felt it constantly [...]


“It’s the first time in over 25 years that I’ve not had pain in my knee when hitting a golf ball. It feels fantastic.” Linda is a scratch golfer who suffered from chronic knee pain for over three decades. She first injured her knee in her 20s and spent the next 30 years crossing physical [...]


"After two surgeries five weeks apart, I am still amazed at how quickly I have recovered. I have no pain in my hips or lower back!"  I have struggled with arthritis pain in my hips for several years, along with lower back pain. I put off the thought of surgery for years and tried steroid [...]


"This was so easy, I really feel sort of foolish for not getting it done sooner.” After I woke up from hip surgery I felt great and was able to walk in the hallway and climb the steps without any issues. The physical therapist actually complained that I was walking too fast, which I thought [...]


"After the surgery I walked out several hours later. I did the prescribed rehab, strengthened the muscles that had atrophied in my legs, and started working out again..." I have been a recreational basketball player most of my life, starting at age 10. When I was 45 years old, I started noticing pain in the [...]


"Eight weeks later I hiked the 8 ½ miles!" John was very active leading high adventure trips with Boy Scout Troop 19. He estimates he averages 150 miles a year hiking, backpacking, and canoeing, including intensive backpacks at Philmont Scout Ranch in the New Mexico Rockies. Knee pain and surgeries were leading him to think [...]


At 48 years old and being an active person I was hesitant to consider having a knee replacement. I was worried that I was too young and that I would wear out my replacement much too soon. I was also worried about the lengthy rehab and down time. When I heard about the minimally invasive [...]


"Two new knees April and May... snowboarding in December!" Thank you Dr. Berger and your entire staff. Two new knees April and May. Turned 73 in August. Snowboarding in December. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Share Your Story

Richard LeBlanc

Dancing with his daughter again. The average amount of money spent on a wedding in the United States every year is $26,444. Of the 2.3 million couples who get hitched each year, more than half of those include the traditional father/daughter dance. One million hip and knee joint replacements happen each year. What do these [...]

Donna Amari

Bilateral Hip & Bilateral Knee Replacement Patient “If you were to tell me back in June of 2014 that I would have had both hips and knees replaced in an 18 month period, I would have told you that you had me confused with another one of Dr. Berger’s patients. In June 2014 I had my first [...]

Patrick Sullivan

Whether you are from the Chicago area or not, you are probably familiar with our city’s famous St. Patrick’s Day traditions. Early Irish immigrants flocked to Chicago in the 1800s, such that by 1850 one-fifth of the city’s population was Irish. Needless to say, the well-populated Irish-American community has maintained a strong presence in Chicago [...]

Richard Ganz

Richard Ganz is a man on the move. At 61 years old, the Wilmette resident is as active as a person half his age, regularly enjoying activities like running, skiing, swimming, and biking. So when his knee needed to be replaced, he turned to Dr. Richard Berger, an expert in minimally-invasive orthopedic surgery who could [...]

Dr. Berger featured in Forbes Custom

INNOVATIONS IN HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY Dust Off Your Running Shoes, Yoga Mat—Even Your Hockey Stick Last year, hip pain forced Rhoda Pitcher to plan each day around her limitations. She couldn’t walk without limping, couldn’t run to catch an important flight and avoided her favorite yoga poses. Hip replacement surgery with Dr. Richard A. Berger changed [...]