Back in the Race

After two knee replacement surgeries, this coach has found her stride.

Strength and conditioning coach, Belle Craig, has competed in countless triathlons and Ironman races.

In 2019, after much research, she enlisted the help of Dr. Richard Berger to perform a right knee replacement procedure. Within seven months of surgery, Craig was running pain-free and completed an Olympic distance triathlon.

“Dr. Berger has been a real athletic career savior for me,” says Craig. “When I came to him, I had doubts I would ever race again, but he assured me I could do anything after surgery!”

A year later, Craig decided she wanted to eliminate the pain in her left knee and scheduled a second knee replacement with Dr. Berger. Ten weeks following her second surgery, she is strength training with her smart trainer, stair master, treadmill and elliptical.

Craig plans to reach her full athletic ability within the next two years — her goal is to participate in a triathlon, half Ironman and full Ironman.

“I love Dr. Berger’s work and follow-up with his patients. There isn’t a better surgeon in the country that compares in skill, precision and efficiency. I have a feeling I’ll be competing at my highest level by late summer,” states Craig.