Bernadine Bocus

I’d been having pain for a very long time. I am a former athlete, played basketball and ran track and field in college, so it was in the early 90’s that I was having tremendous pain in my right knee. Because my knee was bowing, of course everything was out of kilter. My hip, my lower back… I couldn’t sleep at night.

I was introduced to Dr. Berger, by a former colleague of mine. When I first met him, he was so confident. He was instrumental in developing the minimally invasive procedure. My expectation, being a former athlete, I wanted to be up and around as quickly as possible.

Dr. Berger said to me “Listen, your knee is going to be straight. You’re going to have a very small scar. You’ll be able to walk out of the hospital the same day, and you’re most importantly you’re going to be able to do what you want to do.”

And here we are five years later, I have no pain. I’m wearing heels and everything is perfect.