CrossFit: The Importance of Range of Motion

For Dr. Berger’s patient, Matt Bell, achieving a full range of motion after knee replacement surgery was not simply a desire, but a necessity.

The 62-year-old continuously tests his strength and ability by living an active CrossFit lifestyle. Though CrossFit exercises vary, many routines involve bending the knees. Workouts can comprise of squatting and jumping, along with an influence of Olympic-style gymnastics.

Since having his right knee replaced by Dr. Berger on August 2018, Bell has accomplished an array of impressive physical goals.

He was back in the gym a mere three weeks after surgery, and by his third month of recovery, he was able to run a 7:15 mile.

Now, Bell is training to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games— made possible by his new range of motion and knee stability.

“I can do squats and I’m back to competing in CrossFit competitions, which was so important to me,” says Bell.

Bell contributes his outstanding results to Dr. Berger. In fact, he has referred many patients to the practice. He also emphasizes the importance of the work it takes to build a successful recovery:

“You need to get your knee as strong as you can prior to surgery and be prepared to follow the rehab involved. It is important you follow the movements religiously.”

It’s no doubt that Bell’s commitment and hard work has laid a path to physical victory. He currently holds the ranking of 11th in the world by the official CrossFit Games Foundation and bears the confidence that his rank will be on the rise this year.