Game Ready- Cold Therapy Unit

Does the thought of icing your joint after surgery sound uncomfortable, or better yet, inconvenient?

Controlling swelling with icing after surgery is essential, but now Dr. Berger is working with Game Ready to offer patients an easier option for icing after a joint replacement.

The Game Ready Cold Therapy Unit is a machine that makes icing your joint simple and effortless with its easy to use screen, temperature gauge, compression wrap and three present programs.

The unit aids the recovery process by reducing edema — removing lymph, cellular wastes and other fluids, while reducing uncomfortable pressure and swelling. This promotes faster healing — the active compression pumps fluids away from and brings fresh, nutrient-rich blood towards the joint, leading to the minimization of pain and discomfort.

The process can be seen by clicking the following link:

To discuss rental rates and find out more, feel free to reach out to Clinical Specialist, Matthew Jacobs, at (615) 947-6001.