John Slattery

I’d been working with a compromised knee since college. I didn’t do any rehab, I didn’t have an ACL. They say you’ll know when you know, when it’s time to do it. I couldn’t go up the stairs, I couldn’t go down the stairs. I wanted to be able to ski and surf with my kid. My ability to run was gone.

I knew it was time to do something.

My doctor recommended Dr. Berger. He said “Listen, this is the guy. He does this minimally invasive thing.” I asked what that meant. He said “He doesn’t cut any soft tissue, he doesn’t cut the quad muscle. He doesn’t cut anything.”

I never used crutches. I walked out with a cane, and I used it for about five days. The thing is so tightly run. I flew to Chicago on a Monday, stayed at the Peninsula Hotel. Had surgery the next morning, walked out around noon. The next morning the Physical Therapist, Abe came by and showed me five or six exercises to do. Dr. Berger came by the following day, checked my knee and said sayonara and I flew back to New York on Friday.

If it weren’t for the surgery, it was the most luxurious experience of my life!