Making the Most of Every Season with a New Hip

Randy Mehrberg was equipped to climb 94 flights of stairs a mere three months following Dr. Richard Berger’s minimally invasive hip replacement surgery. He ascended up the John Hancock Building, in downtown Chicago, for the Hustle up the Hancock charity stair climb on February 25, 2018, to help raise funds for the Respiratory Health Association.

Mehrberg has been active his entire life. Whether playing hockey, tennis, or skiing, he has always enjoyed engaging in sports for every season and climate.

The 63 year-old began experiencing severe left hip pain in early 2017 that deprived him of the activities he loved. Though he was not enthusiastic about a total hip replacement, he desired to maintain his athleticism without restrictions.

While attending physical therapy, Mehrberg was informed of Dr. Berger’s minimally invasive hip replacement surgery that allows the hip joint to be replaced without cutting into the muscles, tendons or ligaments.  After meeting with Dr. Berger and his team, Mehrberg’s surgical hesitations were quickly put to rest, and decided to move forward with Dr. Berger’s advanced hip replacement procedure in November 2017.

“I can’t believe I waited,” said Mehrberg, “I wanted it all, now I have it all.”

Mehrberg traveled to Silverton, Colorado in January 2018, where he was able to resume one of his favorite pastimes: skiing. He took his passion for skiing to the next level by participating in Extreme Skiing, which involves skiing down steep slopes that offer at least 45-degree descents.

That February, he was “hustling up the Hancock” and by March he rejoined his hockey league—also referred to the FOBH or Fat Old Boys Hockey league. Not to mention—once summer came along—he was waterskiing.

Though completely satisfied and grateful for his results, Mehrberg continues to have tremendous empathy for individuals experiencing arthritic hip pain.

When asked if given the opportunity to provide advice to those considering Dr. Berger’s hip replacement surgery, he stated:

“Don’t endure the pain; you don’t need to. Get it done and reclaim your life. I had pain all the time and I wasn’t sure if life would ever be the same. Now I’m feeling better than new.”