Playing Tennis Six Weeks Post Surgery

Long time tennis player, Michael Rogers, Ph.D., has a true passion for the sport.

In 2018, Michael Rogers went from playing tennis 3-4 times a week and attending tournaments, to hanging up his tennis racket. His right knee was suddenly causing him unbearable pain, which, in-turn, effected his game.

After receiving multiple assessments from various physicians and testing conservative treatment options, Rogers realized knee replacement surgery was his last hope for relief.

The Alabama State University Professor began researching orthopedic surgeons practicing across the country. It wasn’t until he received a referral from a friend who suggested Chicago surgeon, Dr. Richard Berger, that he felt he met his match. Between Dr. Berger’s minimally invasive approach and patient testimonials, Rogers was sure he found his surgeon.

At his initial visit with Dr. Berger, he recalled feeling at ease once he met Dr. Berger and his team.

“Everyone was so organized and friendly, we felt like nothing was missed,” said Rogers, “This provided me with the confidence to secure a surgical date.”

In October 2019, Rogers and his wife traveled to Chicago for the procedure. After enjoying themselves in the city while visiting initially, the couple decided to arrive early for their second trip to explore the attractions Chicago had to offer. They remember the experience as if it were a vacation.

On the day of Rogers’ surgery, he had his right knee replaced in the morning and was discharged from the hospital that afternoon. With a cane, he walked without assistance, able to rest comfortably at the Airbnb he rented nearby.

“The place where we stayed had stairs, which I safely walked up myself the day of my surgery,” Rogers said, “We even walked to dinner that same day!”

The Georgia native flew home shortly after the procedure and started physical therapy. While attending a therapy session, he noticed another patient who had recently undergone knee replacement surgery with a local physician. Rogers couldn’t believe the dramatic difference between his incision and swelling compared to the fellow patient he sat beside. His physical therapist was utterly amazed with the results.

As Rogers’ physical therapy wrapped up, he found himself back on the tennis court playing singles and doubles games, better than ever.

A few months later, he began feeling pain resonating in his left knee. At the time, COVID-19 cases were rising rapidly around the U.S. and elective surgeries were postponed. Regardless, he knew it was worth the wait to have Dr. Berger replace his left knee.

Fortunately, by May 2020, Rogers was able to fly to Chicago for the procedure. To his pleasant surprise, his left knee recovered even faster than the right.

He exclaimed: “After the first 3 weeks of recovery, I surpassed 115 degrees of flexion and started running up hills. I’m back to hitting tennis balls on the court ­­­–– did I mention I’m 75-years-old?”

Now, six weeks post-surgery, Rogers reflects on his surgical experiences with Dr. Berger and recognizes his expectations have not only been met, but exceeded:

“I would encourage people to really read the stories on the website. My own journey turned out very much as I anticipated, probably better. To any patient looking to have surgery with Dr. Berger: his practice lives up to the expectations. You walk away with a sense of confidence that everything is going to be OK!”