Post- Surgery Marathons

For 76-year-old Anthony Mauro, running 35 miles a week is simply a part if his regular routine.

Mauro had bilateral knee replacement surgery with Dr. Berger in the fall of 2017. A mere five months following his second surgery, he was long-distance running with ease.

Maintaining his ability to run after surgery was essential; not only for his physical health, but for social aspects as well. Mauro is a part of a running community in Wexford, Pennsylvania where he has built relationships with some of his closest friends.

“The biggest thing for me was getting back to time with my friends. I’m very proud and happy with my new knees,” says Mauro.

This past year, Mauro participated in three organized half-marathons and doesn’t plan on stopping. He is in the midst of training for the Pittsburgh Marathon set for May 2019.

He explains, “I have high hopes for the Pittsburgh Marathon; it would be monumental. My knees are good and I don’t have any complaints. I do everything I want to do without pain and I feel like I got my life back.”

Running isn’t just a hobby for Mauro; it is a way of life. The marathoner is one of Dr. Berger’s many patients to return to the physical activities they value most.