“This was so easy, I really feel sort of foolish for not getting it done sooner.”

After I woke up from hip surgery I felt great and was able to walk in the hallway and climb the steps without any issues. The physical therapist actually complained that I was walking too fast, which I thought was a good sign. After 10 days, I went back to work.

Most of the people I work with didn’t even realize I had surgery because I was walking so well. I honestly felt like I could have gone back to work on Day 4. I did physical therapy exercises and added in a short light load ride on my bicycle trainer each day. I started at 20 minutes on the bicycle and added about 10 minutes a day, until I was up to about 90 minutes of easy spinning.

After my three week follow-up with Dr. Berger and with his OK, I increased the intensity of my bicycle workouts and went back to the gym and started squatting again, but keeping it light and progressively increasing. The funny thing is I haven’t actually had any hip-specific pain, but for me the best part is my back hasn’t hurt since the day of the surgery, and it had gotten really bad, so this was a real quality-of-life improvement for me.

Overall, the whole experience was amazing, from the quality of the service and information provided by the staff, to the ease of getting back to day-to-day activities. This was so easy, I really feel sort of foolish for not getting it done sooner. I’m really grateful for the stellar work Dr. Berger did and the incredible support I got from the entire staff every step of the way.