Sanja gives her hip replacement recovery the top grade

When Sanja Seferovic Drnovsek had her right hip replaced by Dr. Berger in June of 2016, she felt completely comfortable leaving the hospital, with simply a cane, that very same day of her surgery.

The 61-year-old teacher, grandmother and community activist is happy to say she had an amazing recovery that was fast and complication free.

“My hip replacement surgery at Rush Hospital with Dr. Berger and his team allowed me to return to an active lifestyle, which had been previously interrupted by hip pain,” said Sanja, “I could call Dr. Berger’s nurses anytime I needed advice and I reached my recovery goals in record time.”



By July of 2016, Sanja took a vacation to Camp Namakwa and began a new school year of teaching at the end of that August. Most importantly, she was able to run and play with her grandchildren after surgery.

Pleased and grateful for the superb results of her right hip replacement, she is now scheduled to have her left hip replaced in June of 2019. The ultimate goal is to make sure both of her hips are pain free and her success has inspired many individuals in her community to consider doing the same.

She stated, “If I had to grade Dr. Berger and his team from 1-100, I would give them 101!”