Staying Active During Covid-19: Hip Replacement Keeps Patricia Loy in the Game

Patricia Loy | Hip Replacement Surgery with Dr. Berger

Summer fun isn’t canceled, after hip replacement surgery

Le Roy, IL native, Patricia Loy, 43, lives her life in motion, although her active lifestyle has presented its challenges.

As a dedicated mother of three, Loy has a busy weekly routine. She is a full-time teacher, junior high basketball coach, and follows a tight work-out regiment while enjoying watersports in her free time.

At age 4, Loy began experiencing hip pain that led her parents to consult with an orthopedic specialist. She continued to play sports throughout childhood and at the high school and college levels.

She experienced her three pregnancies, in her 20’s, which were the most significant obstacles her hips had overcome. Her hips were “bone on bone,” and she was always in pain; though it was a struggle, she persevered.

In 2018, her hip pain became unbearable. Standing in her classroom, followed by more standing while coaching was no longer attainable. Loy knew it was time for a change.

After multiple visits and multiple opinions from local orthopedic surgeons, the diagnosis was determined. Hip replacement surgery would provide the most promising option for relief, though she had her doubts.

“Having three kids who all played sports, all I could think of is: How can I recover and still do what a mom needs to do?” recalls Loy.

Her husband then discovered Dr. Richard Berger, Chicago based orthopedic surgeon, known for his minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement surgery. Loy finally felt comfortable moving forward with surgery, hoping that her recovery would allow her to return to responsibilities quickly.

Loy had a left total hip replacement surgery in December 2019 and was discharged from the hospital the same day. Remarkably, she was able to walk without a cane 24 hours later.

“Within two weeks of my left hip replacement, I was back to teaching. I was able to be a mom, and I was able to drive,” says Loy, “It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t miss one basketball or volleyball game. I’ve known several patients that have undergone traditional hip replacement that had surgeries way before mine, and I was miles ahead of them.”

Loy’s journey continued as she underwent a right hip replacement in March 2020. Her surgical date came two days before the shutdown of elective surgeries at Rush University Medical Center, where Dr. Berger performs his joint replacement procedures.

“I feel very fortunate for the timeline of everything,” says Loy, “I was able to recover even faster the second time around because I wasn’t at school. I was able to teach remotely from home and rest more.”

Now, three months following her second surgery, Loy is enjoying her return to the lake with her family; waterskiing, swimming, and paddle boarding—making the best of her summer, completely pain-free.

As Loy reflects on her experience, she has some advice for patients contemplating surgery with Dr. Berger: “Do this for yourself. It’s going to be worth it, and you’re going to get better. I am younger than the typical hip replacement patient, still raising kids and still working; I didn’t have the time to take six weeks off to recover. This procedure was doable, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat to be pain-free. I would encourage anyone in any pain, not to wait, get it done now, so you can go on and do the things you want to do.”