Susan Saint James

When I was about 22, I jumped off a fence. I had perfectly good legs at the time, and I tore my cartilage. This was like 1966 or 67…

Eventually, it was becoming a problem for my work. So I went and had surgery, and it was probably cutting edge at the time, but it wasn’t even arthroscopic, it was cut-you-open-take-as-much-cartilage-as-you-want and close you back up. So my knee became a kind of hot-bed for arthritis.

I just wanted to be out there skiing with my kids. I couldn’t even snap on my ski. I just didn’t have any power in that leg, and I didn’t trust my knee.

I was in a ski town and I met this woman and she said she had her knee done, and there’s only one place to go. Go to Chicago, and see Dr. Berger.

The whole concept is really convincing, when you learn that they’re not going to cut right through your muscles and tendons and everything that’s living in your knee. He moves them out of the way, and puts the knee in and moves them back, and they have you get up and walk that day.

I thought if I did it now, I’d have the energy and physical ability to get all the way back to be able to ski, and I have.

Best thing I ever did.