Tennis Pro Felicia Hutnick Bounces Back After Knee Replacement Surgery

62-year-old Felicia Hutnick continues her professional tennis career after a left knee replacement with Dr. Berger.

From 1975-1979, in Winter Park, FL, Rollins College ranked #4 in Division 1 Women’s Tennis and Felicia Hutnick lead the team every step of the way. By graduation, the three-time All-American Division 1 player was just beginning to embark on her athletic journey, which would lead to a successful career in professional tennis.

In 1980, Felicia competed in five US Opens, Wimbledon and the Australian Open resulting in a ranking of #91 in the world. Tennis was not simply a passion to her — it was a way of life, and she was extremely talented.

Fast-forward to 2015: Felicia has since relocated to Omaha, NE and begins experiencing pain in her left knee after 48 years of tennis playing.

“I didn’t realize how bad my movement was prior to surgery,” said Felicia, “I was shuffling versus walking and I was slow on the tennis court.”

Despite her pain and discomfort, Felicia and her daughter won the Portland Indoor Mother/Daughter Open Division, but she realized something had to be done.

Felicia recalls: “I had a wrap on my knee and endured the pain—I was always concerned about it.”

Through word-of-mouth, she discovered Dr. Berger and his minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement procedure. The fact that Dr. Berger had an engineering degree, in addition to being a surgeon, piqued Felicia’s interest.

Soon after meeting with Dr. Berger and his team, she decided to proceed with left knee replacement surgery in April of 2017.

“I was shocked to awake and be walking on my new knee,” stated Felicia, reflecting on her experience a few hours after the operation.

To say that Felicia had an outstanding surgical recovery is an understatement. With hard work and dedication, three months following the procedure, she won her golf club championship and attributed her athletic win to be one of her best, since she was still recovering from the procedure—something she never deemed possible.

Over the next two years, Felicia and her daughter continued to compete in Mother/Daughter USTA National tennis tournaments, winning four national titles and earning them four coveted Gold Balls.

“I can jam, cut and run on my new knee, which makes me a better tennis player due to my knee replacement,” said Felicia, “At age 61, we were ranked #1 in the country in the Open Division of the Mother/Daughter. That means I’m competing against 50-year-olds and holding my own. Without my new knee, I doubt I would have accumulated those four additional Gold Balls.”