These heels are made for walking

As Betty McEnroe prepared for one of her last physical therapy sessions, following her second knee replacement with Dr. Berger, she set her gym shoes to the side and threw on a pair of heels. After much hard work throughout her early stages of recovery, she gained the confidence to use her knees without limitations.

“I did several walking exercises that week in heels — and yes — I am still wearing them,” said McEnroe.

McEnroe had her left knee replaced in 2006, then her right in 2013, and has since felt younger and able to do whatever she wants, without pain and weakness.

She can recall, after her first knee replacement, feeling a bit nervous atop a mountain in Colorado, before skiing down, but her worries quickly vanished.

“I have to admit, I was a little nervous on top of that Colorado mountain, but only for a few minutes!” said McEnroe, “After that first downhill run, I was never afraid to do anything else!”

Skiing is just one pastime McEnroe has enjoyed post-surgery. She has, most importantly, been able to take long walks on the beach and golf with her husband and grandchildren. Not to mention, McEnroe returned to work a mere 10 days after surgery.

McEnroe’s experience not only showcases the outstanding short-term effects of Dr. Berger’s procedure, but the great long-term effects as well.